Terms and Conditions

As at 16th August 2020

Sword Productions offers you film for your media which covers all social Media eg Facebook.

Sword Productions Ltd is referred to as the supplier.  


  1. Payment is due on the 7 days from the completed project.
  2. Payment can be made by Direct debit into 
    ANZ Account number  06-0921-0103223-00 
    Account name Sword Productions Ltd
  3. To confirm a job (Service) requires a 20% deposit 

Overdue Payments

If payment is not received by the Client on the due date a 10% penalty will be charged to the Client on overdue accounts at the end of every month

Failure to pay after the end of the 2nd month another 20% penalty will be charged.

Failure to pay after the end of the third month Sword Productions will be sending the invoice to a Debt collecting agent. 

Consumer Guarantee Act of 1993

You are covered by the above act. 


Once payment is received in full.  The Client will own the complete rights to the video work done.

If you require or the tape or digital material.  You can request it for a fee and/ pay for footage of the tapes to be sent to your address.  

Also, supplier (Sword Production Ltd)  may use the footage for future promotional material.

If you don’t want any of your footage to be used in Promotional footage you need to let Sword Productions know in writing within 14 days.

If forever reason you are not happy please email info@swordproductions.co.nz

Within 14 days of receiving your final product.  

These Terms and Conditions may be updated from time to time, make sure you have our latest version.