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What's happening at Sword Productions

We have an Outside broadcasting truck!

Near the end of last year, we (My and Wife) Went to Auckland to get a Truck!
An Outside Broadcasting truck.

We have plans on setting it up and using it for filming weddings, events birthdays, sporting events, etc

Yoobee is now in CBD

Yoobee is now in town now. It moved to its new site back in July

Now is on 573 Colombo street. Just north of South City mall
Stuff article click here

Stuff article No 2 Click here

It’s a brand refit for the building. Very close in town, lots of food places around


So far it’s very enjoyable. Just car parking is hard to find

New year 2018

Happy New Year!

Wishing you a happy New year 2018.
My goals for the year

  • Get fit
  • Finish my course at Yoobee – in Animation and film

Sword Productions Goals

  • Finish editing my script and shooting it
  • Keep working the documentary about Chinese miners Shot it in Central Otago

I do have other goals.  Above is an outline.

What are your New year resolutions?

Done the 48 Hour Film Festival again

This is the sixth time I have done the 48 Hour Film Festival.
What a rush!

This year I joined the Mad Scientists, Directed by Jullian Josland. We did the Ultra 48, and our genre was Science Fiction.

Ultra 48 is where we had to do a sequel to one from another year, so we did Uber Cyborg 2.0 (see Uber Cyborg)

Mad Scientists 2017

All in all, it was fun weekend for everyone

New week

Well it’s a new week: 38 of 52.  Almost finished on a client’s job.  It’s edited,
Here is the link:

Start in the right direction.

I was in Queenstown all last week, working for another company doing audio and visual for conferences.

It was fun.  The weather was great all last week

New Beginnings

Well, I am not at the Nose any more, I am working for another company on contract basis called Illegitimate Glow Worms. They provide for a lot of conferences in Queenstown.

A few jobs filming and doing web commercials. Will post once the clients approved the service.

What’s New

Well I don’t have that much to report, thinking about a getting my own camera.  I have bought a GoPro, so if you want to hire me and the GoPro email me on on director@swordproductions.co.nz or call me on 0800 FILMING (345 6464)

I got two quotes on cameras. One from a guy who was freelancing for Highway Patrol, and the other quote from Natural  History of  New Zealand.

Go pro
At Snow Farm with my new GoPro

The end of the road for Team Cromwell 2013

Well we tried, but we didn’t make to the next round.  We did manage to get into the local papers though.

Team Cromwell PAGE 1
Front Page for us

Bring on the 2014 48 hour film festival.

I will have a local screening on Sunday 23th June at The Nose, 7 Sandflat road, Cromwell, 3 PM.
Please email or text or phone I need to know numbers for catering

48 hours, this weekend! (24th May – 26th May 2013)

It starts soon

I meet the catering assistant at Couplands on Monday.  The weather isn’t looking the best for Saturday.  Plan B is to shoot with wet weather gear!

Tomorrow (Thursday) after work I am heading up to Wanaka to borrow a camera from White horse Productions.

So looking forward to doing this.