2018 48 Hour Film Festival

Team Salt & Light 2018

Team Salt & Light 2018

We did it  again!  2 years ago I entered in a team called ‘Team Salt & Light’
This was our last entry into called Blood Ties‘  2016

So we are got together another team and this time we got
Time travel Movie

Team Salt & Light
Team Salt & Light 2018

We had fun and it was a big learning curve!

In the end, we were about 30 seconds late!

I would like to thank the people who sponsored us through Boosted

The next one I am helping Produce is for Mad Scientist on Dec 6 to 11th through Film Racing 100 hours

I will be posting our 48 hours entry after my birthday of June 16th










Done the 48 Hour Film Festival again

This is the sixth time I have done the 48 Hour Film Festival.
What a rush!

This year I joined the Mad Scientists, Directed by Jullian Josland. We did the Ultra 48, and our genre was Science Fiction.

Ultra 48 is where we had to do a sequel to one from another year, so we did Uber Cyborg 2.0 (see Uber Cyborg)

Mad Scientists 2017

All in all, it was fun weekend for everyone

48 hours, this weekend! (24th May – 26th May 2013)

It starts soon

I meet the catering assistant at Couplands on Monday.  The weather isn’t looking the best for Saturday.  Plan B is to shoot with wet weather gear!

Tomorrow (Thursday) after work I am heading up to Wanaka to borrow a camera from White horse Productions.

So looking forward to doing this.

Rialto Channel 48 hour film competition 2013

I am gearing up for the Rialto Channel 48 hour film competition.
I have a lot of interest from business and actors/actresses.

The articles have paid off.

Thanks to the businesses that have so far agreed to using their businesses as film sites.

Rialto channel 48 hour film website click here

This is our short film from last year.  Titled: The Leaf