Cat Keene Manager at NRG Fitness

Cat Keene Manager at NRG Fitness

“We started using Sword Productions in 2012 when we decided we needed a new way to advertise and reach our members while they work out in our gym.  Raymond has been great to work with.  He has worked in with our schedules to record our voice overs and makes each recording a stree free situation for our nervous staff”

Cat Keene
NRG Health and Fitness Manager



Raymond Lum worked with me on my Master Thesis film Bridge under the Water (www.bridgeunderthewater.co.nz) which subsequently was selected by NZ’s premier documentary film festival, The Documentary Edge Festival. Raymond worked as boom operator and was dedicated to ensuring that we had as much help as possible on this low-budget film. He is friendly and approachable, and he is committed to get the job done. In short, I recommend Raymond for any video project as he will give it 110% -‘

Gemma Duncan (dir. Bridge under the Water).

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