Moving on from my current job

I am leaving my current job and going back to full time study next year.
You may ask what is my current job.  I can’t tell you because I am still working there and until I leave I can not say on social media (on a post) where I work.
I can tell you in person just not on social media.
Current job
Logistics working night shift.  My body is confused about night and day.
Money is OK but my health is way more important then money.
No the government is not paying for my study (if you are asking) due to fact I have studied before.
I SO REALLY looking forward to leaving!!! There a lot I really like to say about the company I work for but that will be in a blog for another day in years time.  (If I want to vent by then)
During my time there
  • I had to go on high blood pressure pills,
  • My sleep patterns are all over the place,
  • I have requested 2 to 3 times to go onto day shift.  No reply!
I have two options to try, will keep you posted later on what I will do.
As of right now I have 54 calendar days to go and 28 working days to go.
My course starts 12 February.  I finish up on Sunday 4th February at 6am (or there about)
Currently on one more day shift then the rest of my time is nights 😣😥😢😠

3rd South South Conference

During the last week (5th Nov to 10th Nov) I got to help on Conference called South South Conference on violence of men and boys.

There was a lot of information from the conference, I helped on the Audio and video side of stuff.

The Sunday before the conference was only guys workshop.  Then afterwards some of us who was in the Bristle cone project went to the Canterbury Museum

My picture was giant!  See below

My picture at Museum
Raymond and Jim Clemente

I meet Jim Clemente former FBI agent and writer/producer of Criminals minds on the second day.

I got his autograph and FBI badge.  A very nice guy.  I hope to see him in LA one day

The 5 days went really fast.




Waitaki Candidacy for General Election

I ran as a candidate for Waitaki In the 2017 General election. The position is currently held by Jacqui Dean.

At the Waimate Community gardens

I came second to last with 157 votes, click here for my results.

I entered into this as a learning experience, it was fun and interesting.
I attended one public meeting in Waimate.

I want to do Toast Masters next year to improve on my public speaking.

Below are pictures from my election night party.

Election night #Election2017 I ended up with 157 votes in the end

Posted by Raymond Lum on Sunday, 24 September 2017

Bring on Election 2020!



Done the HP 48 hours again

This is the sixth time I have done the Hewlett Packard 48 hours.  What a rush! I did it with Mad Scientist run by Jillian Josland
We got Sci Fiction and also did Ultra 48.  Where we had to do a sequel Uber Cyborg to another years one.

So we did Uber Cyborg 2.0

Mad Scientist

All in all, it was fun weekend had by all

New week

Well it is a new week 38 of 52.  Almost finished on client job.  Well it’s edited

Here is the link

Start in the right direction.

I was in Queenstown all last week.  Was working for another company doing audio and visual for conferences.

It was fun.  The weather was great all last week

New Beginnings

Well I am not at the Nose any more working for another company on contract basis called Illegitimate Glow Worms

Has lots of conference in Queenstown.

A few job filming and doing web commercials.  Will post once the clients approved the service.


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What’s new

Well I have not that much to report.  Looking a getting a camera.  I have brought a Go Pro so if you to hire me and the GoPro email me on on or ring me on 0800 FILMING (345 6464)

I got two quotes on camera one from guy who was working freelancing Highway patrol and the other quote from Natural  History of  New Zealand.

Go pro
At Snow farm with new GoPro

I will try and post at least once a month


The end of the road for Team Cromwell 2013

Well we tried we didn’t make to the next round.  I did manage to get into a few local papers though.

Team Cromwell PAGE 1
Team Cromwell PAGE 1
Team Cromwell
Team Cromwell

Bring on 2014 48 hour film competition.

I still going to show it on @ Sunday 23th June @ The Nose 7 Sandflat road, Cromwell. 3 PM Please email or text or phone I need to know numbers on catering

It’s on this weekend! (24th May – 26th May 2013)

It starting soon

Hello.  I meet the food helper person at Couplands on Monday.  The Weather looking not the greatest for Saturday.  Plan B shot with wet weather gear!

Tomorrow (Thursday) After work heading up to Wanaka borrowing a camera from White horse Productions.

So looking forward to doing this.